Steve & Tammy

Meet Tammy L. Bunch

It has been said that the two most challenging lines of work involve helping people who are either hungry or hurting.  Tammy Bunch clearly ignored that aphorism!  As a licensed practical nurse with extensive training in ICU-CCU care, Tammy learned how to provide compassionate care to people who are hurting.  As a co-owner of several restaurants, Tammy learned how to cater to customer’s tastes and appetites.  She is a natural caregiver, nurturer, counselor, mentor.

It began early with Tammy who spent her childhood on the shores of Crystal Lake, Michigan and her high school years in Haslett near East Lansing where she joined the local swim team as a competitive diver and synchronized swimmer.  It was in high school where Tammy first taught swimming and served as a lifeguard.  Not surprisingly she is happiest anywhere near water!  Later in life she studied to become a personal trainer and coach.

Tammy’s passion for training and coaching directly informs all of her service as a broker, leader and mentor at Bunch Real Estate.  She provides help and encouragement at every turn with every agent to develop their knowledge and skills as experts in their specific markets or real estate genre.

Tammy recounts a remarkable anecdote that reveals so much about her compassionate can-do spirit.  Years ago during her career in nursing Tammy joined a mission to bring health care to a very remote village deep in the Amazon.  It was the first interaction with the outside world for those indigenous people.  As Tammy tells it, the mission was a life-changing experience for her.

Tammy continues to inspire, coach and nurture as she leads Bunch Real Estate into its next chapter!

Meet Steve Bunch

Still waters run deep.

No truer words could be spoken about Steve Bunch.  Quiet, reserved, unobtrusive–Steve is focused like a laser on finding the perfect property, the best value, the next real deal.  His few words belie the fact that he is always monitoring the market and pondering trends.  Thanks to his analytical calculations and thorough searches, Steve provides appraisals, valuations and market comps that are detailed, factual, rigorous and true.  Agents know they can rely on Steve’s careful assessments.

As a long time licensed appraiser and real estate broker, Steve offers solid leadership and mentoring to all agents in the firm.  His knowledge and experience in the Hampton Roads market serve as an invaluable resource for the company.

Growing up in East Ocean View Norfolk, Steve still gravitates to the beach every chance he gets.  He is a member of the Tidewater Regional Investment Group and cultivates as much time with family as possible.

Want to know how much a property in Hampton Roads is worth?  Chances are Steve knows to the penny!