Meet Bernard Harrell, Jr.

Disciplined. Organized. Conscientious. Reliable. These are some of the terms used consistently by Bernard Harrell’s clients when asked to describe him. Needless to say Bernard gets most of his business from happy client referrals. That’s not surprising given Bernard’s stellar career in the U.S. Army where careful attention to detail and follow up are part and parcel of military training. As a result, he dots every “I” and crosses every “t” in all sales transactions, and he puts the “manage” in property management. Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia Bernard knows Hampton Roads like the back of his hand. His closed sales cover the Tidewater map and runs the gamut from condos to single family homes to commercial properties. And Bernard’s access to the best, most reliable local service providers is extraordinary. Need a plumber for a weekend emergency? Bernard knows what to do, who to call. The careful stewardship of his clients’ property assets—buying, selling or managing– is not just a job for Bernard Harrell. It’s a calling, and Bunch Real Estate is truly grateful to have him as part of our family.